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.csv files

.db files

.dbc files

.dbf files

.dtt files

.html files

.mdb files

.stt files

.udl files

.wj2 files

.wk1 files

.xls files

.xlsb files

.xlsm files

.xlsx files

.xml files

about Reportizer

ACCDB files

accessing fields in Report Builder

actions before printing object

Adaptive Server Anywhere

aggregate functions

Aggregation Range (object property)

Align Horizontally (object property)

Align to Container (object property)

Align Vertically (object property)

associating files with Reportizer

Author (object property)

Auto Sizing (object property)

Auto stretching (object property)

available functions

available types of databases

Background Color (object property)

Band object

binary form of the report template

Brush (object property)

Center (object property)

Changed By (object property)

Checkbox object

Checked (object property)

Clear Margins (object property)

clearing passwords

closing database

Column Space (object property)

Columns (object property)

command line parameters

compatibility of reports

Condition FALSE (object property)

Condition TRUE (object property)

connection strings

creating new report

cross-database queries

CSV files

Data Source (object property)

Data Source object

data source

data source types

Data Type (object property)




Database Checkbox object

Database Field (object property)

database history

Database Image object

database list

database passwords

Database Text object

database types

DB files

DB2 databases

dBase files

DBC files

DBF files

deleting reports

demo database

demo reports

Description (object property)

disabling report editing

Display Mask (object property)

distributing reports

Document Title (object property)

DTT files

Duplex Mode (object property)

dynamic reports

dynamic variables

editor options

Engine Version (object property)

error messages


evaluative preview

examples of ADO connection strings

examples of queries

Excel files

exporting reports

Expression (object property)

expression examples

expression functions

Expression object


expressions in reports

file associations

File Icon object

File Image object

File Name (object property)

File Text object

Filter (object property)

filter examples


Firebird databases

flat buttons

flat tool buttons

Font (object property)

Force New Page (object property)

Format (object property)

FoxPro files

Frame (object property)


global variables

Grouping Expression (object property)

grouping records in reports

Height (object property)

Hide Zeros (object property)

Highlight Background Color (object property)

Highlight Condition (object property)

Highlight Font (object property)

how to register

how to start

HTML export

HTML files

Hyperlink (object property)

Icon Index (object property)

Image object


Ingres databases

installing ADO

integrated preview

Interbase databases

Label object

Left (object property)

Lotus databases

Lotus files

Margins (object property)

mathematical functions

maximum database count

MDB files

means of the application

Microsoft Access 2007+ databases

Microsoft Access databases

Microsoft Excel 2007+ workbooks (.xlsx; .xlsb; .xlsm)

Microsoft Excel workbooks (.xls)

MySQL databases

Name (object property)

Number of copies (report object property)

On First Page (object property)

On Last Page (object property)

On Print (object property)

opening CSV files

opening data source

opening database

opening DB2 databases

opening dBase (DBF) files

opening Firebird databases

opening FoxPro (DBF) files

opening HTML files

opening Informix databases

opening Ingres databases

opening Interbase databases

opening Lotus (WJ2; WK1) files

opening Microsoft Access 2007+ databases

opening Microsoft Access databases

opening Microsoft Excel 2007+ workbooks (.xlsx; .xlsb; .xlsm)

opening Microsoft Excel workbooks (.xls)

opening MySQL databases

opening Oracle databases

opening Paradox (DB) files

opening Pervasive PSQL databases

opening PostgreSQL databases

opening SQL Anywhere databases

opening SQL Server databases

opening SQLBase databases

opening Sybase databases

opening table

opening text files

opening UDL files

opening Visual FoxPro databases (.dbc)

opening XML files


Oracle databases


Orientation (object property)


Page object

Paper Size (object property)

Paper Source (object property)

Paradox files

parameterized queries

Pen (object property)

Pervasive PSQL databases

Picture (object property)

PostgreSQL databases

preventing report editing

pricing and discounts

Printer (object property)

printing reports via command line



   macros in queries

   parameters in queries

Records per Page (object property)

registered databases



   adding objects

   aligning selected objects

   autoexpanding the text objects

   autosize of the text objects


   borders of the objects

   column width


   export to file



   moving objects

   multicolumn reports




   printing expressions

   printing graphics

   printing text

   printing totals


   rearrangement of columns

   removing objects

   resizing objects

   saving template to file


   text alignment

   text objects

   text orientation

   transparency of the text objects

   word wrapping

report builder

report file types

Report object

report repositories

report template

report text editor shortcut keystrokes

report warnings

rules for expressions

running Reportizer from command line

saving report template

Select Printer (object property)

selecting several objects at a time

shadow controls

Shape (object property)

Shape object

shortcut keystrokes

Sort Order (object property)

special requirements


SQL Anywhere

SQL editor shortcut keystrokes

SQL Server databases

SQLBase databases

static reports

statistical functions

Stretch (object property)

Stretch to Align Bottoms (object property)

STT files

Sybase databases

system requirements

Text (object property)

text files

text form of the report template

Text Offset (object property)

Text Orientation Angle (object property)

Top (object property)

Transparent (object property)

typical tasks solutions

UDL files

understanding Reportizer reports

undo last action

Visible (property)

Visual FoxPro databases (.dbc)

Width (object property)

WJ2 files

WK1 files

Word Wrapping (report object property)


XLS export

XLS files

XLSB files

XLSM files

XLSX files

XML files