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Reportizer is a database reporting tool. It simplifies creating, modifying and printing database and file reports.

Reports can be edited in convenient visual report builder or in text mode. Report templates can be saved to files (so called dynamic reports, usually with .dtt extension). Reportizer reports support expressions, grouping, calculating fields etc. There is an ability to load reports from command line with a large set of options.

Reports can be printed or exported to HTML, Excel, text, pictures, or static reports.

Reportizer can build file system reports and database reports.

Reportizer website:

Understanding Reportizer reports

Reportizer reports are based on report engine, called vlReport (Vitaliy Levchenko report).

Reportizer dynamic report (or report template) is a set of data and rules, which specifies where to find the data for the report, how the data should be extracted and how the data should be displayed and printed.

Report consists of its description, a description of the report data source (database table or query), and a set of visual report objects to display (and print) the data from data source or predefined text, graphics, shapes etc.

The visual part of the report consists of tree levels:

Each time the report is printed or previewed, the following steps are performed:

  1. The data source is opened (if not opened yet).
  2. Report pages are formatted according to the report rules and the data from the data source.
  3. Output is started. The bands are outputted (including the objects of each band).

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