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Distributing Reports

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When you make reports to be used on different computers and by different users, please read these important notes.

Vitaliy Levchenko Software developed several applications, which can work with Reportizer reports: Reportizer, Reportizer Viewer, and Database Tour Pro.

All the applications use the same report engine and may be used to preview and print the same reports, if the version of the application, where you make the reports, is compatible with version of the application, which will use these reports. The best way to ensure the compatibility of your reports is to have the latest versions of the applications installed, but if it is not always possible in your case, please read the notes below.

Static reports

In most cases, you should not worry about compatibility of such type of reports, because it is done by the applications. But in the case of errors when opening such reports, you should install the latest version of the application.

Dynamic reports

In the case of incompatible versions, some of the report objects' properties, which are implemented in the latest versions, may be lost in the older applications, or (in the worst case) the dynamic reports will not be loaded at all.

You can verify the compatibility of reports by checking version of report engine: report engine version, supported by the application, is shown in About section; report engine version, by which the dynamic report was generated, is shown in Engine Version property of Report object. So, if your end user's application supports the same version of report engine as your report or above, the compatibility is guaranteed.

In the case when you cannot control the versions of the applications on end users' computers, please stick to this simple rule:

Save your distributed dynamic report templates in the text form. Then, in text editor, remove the properties, which are not actually used in your report, but might be incompatible with end users' applications. For example, if you have Reportizer 2.6 installed, but some of your end users may have version 2.4 or older (or Reportizer Viewer 1.55 or older, or Database Tour Pro 5.3 or older), remove such properties as Parameters, HighlightFontName, HighlightBrushColor and so on.