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The best way to learn how Reportizer reports work is to open any report from Examples folder and watch it in Report Builder and Preview:

1. Launch Reportizer.

2. Reportizer caption shows the name of the report repository, which is open at the current moment. If it is not Reportizer Examples, then click Open Report Repository button, find and select the Examples folder (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Vitaliy Levchenko\Reportizer\Examples) and click OK.

3. The table to the left will show all dynamic report templates (.dtt files) and static reports (.stt) files from the selected repository.

4. Select any template (.dtt file) from the table by clicking the corresponding row.

5. The right part of the main window consists of pages, which give you possibilities to edit different parts of the template and to preview the report (where it can be printed). Click Edit Report Template | Report Builder page.

6. In Report Builder, you can change the report's and any object's properties, add or delete new objects in the convenient visual mode.

7. After making some changes, click Preview button to see how the changes affect the report.


In any mode, try to press F1 to find context help and take your attention to buttons' or status bars' hints, which will help you to save your time.