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Building Reports

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Reportizer reports offer you the following advantages:

-Printing data from an open data set with most convenient way, including fonts, colors and so on.
-Easy report creation.
-Convenient report builder for visual editing of reports.
-Grouping records.
-Large set of functions to printing the system information, totals etc.
-Printing graphics (shapes, images from database and from external files).
-Ability to save the report template for future using.

The Report Builder includes the report template, Object Inspector and tree of report objects.

Printing the report is available in the preview mode.

       Report preview


In preview, it is possible to export generated report to file.

In main window, there is an ability to run the report preview in evaluative mode. This can be done by choosing Tools | Preview (Evaluative Mode) menu. This mode is useful when developing and testing large reports. It formats only few first pages and allows to evaluate page count for the report.

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