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Repository Functions

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Repository functions are available under Repository menu of main window.

Here, you can register new repositories, switch between registered repositories, and work with lists of registered repositories and databases.

Registered Repositories and Databases

When opening any report repository or database, Reportizer registers it in the list of used repositories or databases. These lists can be accessed from Repository menu. The application uses the lists each time it opens a repository or database.

You can copy the lists, delete records from them, and clear stored database passwords.

The lists of the registered repositories and databases (along with their connection parameters) are saved to file rptizer.workspace of the {Local AppData}\Vitaliy Levchenko\{Software Name}\{Software Version}\Settings folder. Please consider this information when working with multiple instances of the application. When the application is restarting, the lists are loaded from rptizer.workspace into operating memory and used to open the previously opened repositories and databases.

Clear Saved Database Passwords

Each time the database was successfully opened, and if the password was required to open it, then this password can be saved by using a special option of Open Database dialog. If the password was saved, then the next time the database will be opened without needing to input the password. This function allows to clear all such saved passwords.

The same function is also available under Repository | Registered Databases... menu.