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SQL and Report Text Editor Shortcut Keystrokes


SQL and Report editors of the application have been created with a 3rd party component called SynEdit, which is available at



Up Arrow


Shift + Up Arrow

Select Up

Ctrl + Up Arrow

Scroll up

Down Arrow


Shift + Down Arrow

Select Down

Ctrl + Down Arrow

Scroll Down

Left Arrow


Shift + Left Arrow

Select Left

Ctrl + Left Arrow

Move Left to the next word

Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow

Select word to the left

Right Arrow


Shift + Right Arrow

Select Right

Ctrl + Right Arrow

Move Right to the next word

Ctrl + Shift + Right Arrow

Select Word to the right

Page Down

Page Down

Shift + Page Down

Select Page Down

Ctrl + Page Down

Page Bottom

Ctrl + Shift + Page Down

Select Page Bottom

Page Up

Page Up

Shift + Page Up

Select Page Up

Ctrl + Page Up

Page Top

Ctrl + Shift + Page Up

Select Page Top


Line Start

Shift + Home

Select to Line Start

Ctrl + Home

Editor Top

Ctrl + Shift + Home

Select to Editor Top


Line End

Shift + End

Select to Line End

Ctrl + End

Go to Editor Bottom

Ctrl + Shift + End

Select to Editor Bottom


Toggle Insert mode

Ctrl + Insert, Ctrl + K + C, Ctrl + C

Copy selected text to Clipboard

Shift + Insert, Ctrl + K + V, Ctrl + V

Paste text from Clipboard



Shift + Delete, Ctrl + K + Y, Ctrl + X

Cut text to Clipboard

Backspace, Ctrl + Backspace

Delete Last Character

Ctrl + Backspace

Delete Last Word

Ctrl + Z, Alt + Backspace


Ctrl + Shift + Z, Alt + Shift + Backspace


Return, Ctrl + M

Line Break

Ctrl + A

Select All

Ctrl + Shift + I, Ctrl + K + I

Block Indent

Ctrl + N

Insert line

Ctrl + T

Delete word

Ctrl + Shift + U, Ctrl + K + U

Block Unindent

Ctrl + Y

Delete line

Ctrl + Shift + Y

Delete to the end of line

Ctrl + Shift + 0..9

Set / clear bookmark 0..9

Ctrl + 0..9, Ctrl + K + 0..9

Go to bookmark 0..9

Ctrl + Shift + N, Ctrl + O + K

Set normal selection mode

Ctrl + Shift + C, Ctrl + O + C

Set column selection mode

Ctrl + Shift + L, Ctrl + K + L

Set line selection mode

Ctrl + Shift + B

Find matching bracket (caret must be set just before bracket).

Ctrl + /

Comment or uncomment the current selection

Double click on the word

Select the word

Click on left part of the gutter

Set / clear bookmark

Ctrl + F

Find text

Ctrl + R

Find / Replace text


Find again