Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-purchase and post-purchase questions

I purchased Reportizer and I need support. Where should I place the support ticket?

I purchased Reportizer, but after entering the serial number, I see error message 'Reportizer has already been registered on another computer'. What does it mean?

I purchased Reportizer, but cannot activate it. I entered my serial number and program said it is valid, but every time the program starts, activation window appears. What am I doing wrong?

I purchased Reportizer, but now I want purchase another copy. Can I expect a discount in this case?

I installed and registered Reportizer, but now I need to move it on another computer. What is the right way to do this?

I want purchase several your products. Can I expect a discount in this case?

General questions

What do I need to create a report in Reportizer?

What database formats are supported?

What are the differences between Reportizer and other database reporting tools?

Can I configure Reportizer to be used for printing only?

What are the differences between Reportizer and Database Tour Pro reporting?

Can I export Reportizer reports to some common formats?

Does Reportizer support images in reports?

Does Reportizer support grouping of records?

My report uses only two numeric fileds and several hundreds of records. How can I optimize it to fill paper area maximally?

What interface (GUI) languages are supported?

What is the Reportizer Viewer?
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