Reportizer Viewer

Reportizer Viewer Main Window
Reportizer Viewer Main Window

Reportizer Viewer logoReportizer Viewer is a free database reporting utility. Unlike Reportizer, Reportizer Viewer allows only previewing, printing, or exporting database reports, created in Reportizer or Database Tour Pro; it does not allow to modify reports. Additionally, it can print file list from folder, selected in Windows Explorer.

Reports can be exported to HTML, XLSX, XLS, TXT, PNG, JPEG, BMP, or STT (static report) file.

The most important operations (loading reports, printing, exporting, specifying SQL parameters etc.) can be performed via command line. This allows customizing the launching of the application for end user and using Reportizer Viewer calls from other applications.

Reportizer Viewer is especially useful on client side. It can open either dynamic reports, which require database connection, or static reports, which have been generated on the computer with the database connection and sent to the client, for example, by email. In the second case, there is no need to have the database connection on client side to view and print such reports.