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Report File Types

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Reportizer can create and open two types of report files: dynamic reports and static reports. Static and dynamic reports are shown in Reportizer report list to the left of the main window.

Dynamic report (or report template) file usually has .dtt extension and contains report template. It can be changed in Reportizer. When opening such report for preview, it connects to report database and dynamically formats the report.

Static report file usually has .stt extension and contains already formatted report. It cannot be changed and does not require database connection for preview. Static report are created by exporting report to .stt file.

Static reports can be previewed, printed and exported in Reportizer and Reportizer Viewer.

This format is useful, for example, when you want to send generated reports to your boss, customer etc.; the recipient only need to have the Reportizer Viewer to work with such a report and don't need a connection to your database.

Note: there may be not exact representation of the original report in the case, when the static report was saved and then opened with different screen scaling (in pixesl per inch).